Hi, I’m Valerie. I’m here to help.

I was born an artist, but I’ve always had a fascination and passion for technology. I grew up loving sci-fi, and making art and music on early home computers. I started building websites as a hobby in the 90s when I wasn’t painting, writing songs or going to school.

I’ve always had a weird left-brain/right-brain thing going on, and it has allowed me to see things in a unique way.

I began my professional career as a graphic artist nearly 25 years ago. Pretty soon I realized my future was on the web, so I became a website designer/developer.

In the early 2000’s, I parlayed my publishing experience into a successful online magazine, serving as publisher, programmer, writer and marketer. This was before the days of WordPress and social media so it was really hard work, but we managed to reach 100,000 pageviews/month (before a Google error abruptly ended that dream).

I’m also the child of a teacher, which may be one reason I’ve always enjoyed sharing knowledge with others.

I went solo in 2003, hanging my shingle as Twangry Productions. In the early days, I mostly did graphic design. Eventually I expanded my services, offering website design and development to Birmingham, AL businesses.

Things inevitably change as they grow. Outpost Digital Strategy is the evolution of Twangry Productions, reflecting its extension into digital marketing and consulting services.

How can I help you?

Over the past 20+ years, I have worked with companies of various sizes and industries to help them improve their online presence. First it was just building nice looking websites, but over time I saw patterns and learned what worked and what didn’t. I also learned the art of digital marketing, which I have watched grow from a wild frontier into a mature, measurable practice.

One thing I’ve encountered over and over are companies that really have no idea what they should be doing to make the web work for their business. They know they need a website, but then what? Maybe they’ve tried a few things but saw little return.

That’s where I come in.

Tell me about your company. Your goals, your hurdles. Let me help you form and execute a clear digital strategy for marketing your business – then let’s get there together.

Valerie Mars, Proprietor
Outpost Digital Strategy
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