You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. “Social media is the best way to reach new customers!” But there your Facebook page sits, collecting digital dust.

Many people assume that just having a presence on social media is enough, and that if you post pretty photos of your product or your current promotions, you’ll get a ton of Likes, Shares and sales.

Not by a long shot.

Say Hello to Social Media Strategy

Social media without a strategy is like being that dude in the subway who mutters to himself. He may know the solution to world hunger, but no one can hear him.

Social media strategy is about planning content, posting wisely, and delivering value. Plus, what works best for Facebook won’t necessarily work for Twitter or LinkedIn. Each platform has its own culture, and you must know how to penetrate it.

That’s where Outpost comes in.

We’ll take the reigns of your social media accounts and turn chaos into a well-oiled machine. By blending the right mix of value, community building and self-promotion, we help your brand deliver effective content that gets response.

We continually test and measure our efforts to learn more about what your brand’s audience responds to — then we use that data to grow your audience and increase loyalty. All of which can lead to more traffic, greater visibility and more sales for you.

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